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Are you an executive who is planning to sell restricted or control stock? Under the United States Securities Laws, shares of stock will have to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission prior to the selling of such stock in the open marketplace. Rule 144, however, is an exception to this requirement.
Rule 144 allows for the public resale of control securities and restricted securities when a set of conditions are met. If you need to sell your restricted or control securities, we encourage you to speak with The Tracy Firm today.

Selling Restricted or Control Stock Under Rule 144

Control securities are held by an executive of an issuing company and restricted securities are those which are obtained in unregistered and private sales or from an affiliate of the issuer. If you want to sell your restrictive or control securities, you will need to meet the conditions that are set forth in Rule 144.

Following are the conditions of Rule 144:

  • Completion of the holding period – You must hold the restricted securities for a certain period of time depending on the company that issued the securities.
  • Adequate amount of information on the issuing company – There will need to be a sufficient amount of information regarding the issuing company available before the sale can be completed.
  • Trading volume formula compliance – The formula determines what percentage of the share will be sold in a given period of time.
  • Ordinary brokerage transaction usage – The sales must be handled as a routine trading transaction in all aspects.
  • Filing a notice of proposed sale – The affiliate will need to submit a notice with the SEC and will need to complete the sale within three months.

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