Defending your business requires diligence and careful planning for the future. The firm's founder, attorney Adam S. Tracy, J.D., M.B.A.  has a strong background in criminal and business law and extensive knowledge in the area of business law.Contact us at 1.888.978.9901 or get in touch with us online if you are in need for help in any aspect of  the business assets protection.

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Guard your business and assets from potential loss that may be caused by future creditor claims or lawsuits. Our asset protection attorney offers due diligence and careful planning for the future. Get in touch with us for an asset protection strategy that’s right for your business.

Even with a solid succession plan in place, your assets may still be threatened.

Call our firm if you are concerned by any of the following affecting your assets:

  • Personal or business creditors
  • Unjust civil lawsuits
  • Excessive estate taxes

To guard your assets from such dangers, you should work alongside an experienced estate planning firm to establish a protection plan.

How can you help protect my assets?

One method for protecting valuable assets is to create a trust. As opposed to a will, a trust will allow you to transfer wealth to the next generation without certain tax issues or other complications. You can name your beneficiaries in a trust and an attorney from our firm can act as the trustee who will oversee the life of the fund.

Another option for shielding your business is creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC can offer a measure of protection to the owner from creditors.

Other Asset Protection Matters We Handle

  • Limited liability insurance
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Insurance policies
  • Declaration of Homestead
  • Non-profit corporation
  • Off-shore trusts

By working with an asset protection attorney from Securities Compliance Group, you can be confident knowing that you are doing all you can do to protect your business and hard earned assets. A member of our team can consult with you to evaluate your assets, go over your legal options, and craft a tailored protection plan for you.

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Creditors, the SEC, and other federal regulatory agencies may pursue your assets for years, ruining any plans you may have had for ensuring your family’s financial security. You need trusted legal advice for maintaining your company and assets in the future. Get in touch with The Tracy Firm, Ltd. and let us help you safeguard your assets from potential threats.

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Adam S. Tracy, J.D., M.B.A.

Attorney Adam Tracy has a strong background in all facets of commercial law and extensive experience in litigating complex commercial disputes, and is able and willing to help. He is also a well-versed legal scholar in the United States copyright law. A former competitive rugby player and serial entrepreneur, Adam Tracy has a wealth of experience on both sides of the table. He has advised many companies with regards to legal issues, law compliance and capital markets matters.

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