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Cobbler Nevada Lawsuit Defense

Attorney Adam S. Tracy represents individuals and businesses who have been sued by Cobbler Nevada, LLC.In June, 2015, hundreds of lawsuits were filed by a newly formed company, Cobbler Nevada, LLC. The company is the owner to the rights of the film of the same name, The Cobbler, staring Adam Sandler. While the movie was a commercial failure, Cobbler Nevada has taken to filing lawsuits to recoup their losses. Additional lawsuits are being filed weekly in federal courts throughout the country.

The basis for the Cobbler Nevada lawsuits, over 100 of which have been filed to date, is that individuals have “illegally” downloaded the file through common bitTorrent gateways such as vuze, utorrent, bitComet and bitlord. . Cobbler Nevada begins its lawsuit by identifying the IP addresses of the alleged downloaders and then obtaining the information conerning the owner of the IP address through a court order aimed at your internet service provider.

Cobbler Nevada will typically seek damages well in excess of $100,000. More surprisingly, many of the defendants in the cases filed are either not the true owners of the IP address alleged or never in fact downloaded the film. The attorneys for Cobbler Nevada generally rely on the fact that most individuals settle to avoid having to fight the case in court. Additionally, attorneys for Cobbler Nevada have been known to use “strong-arm” tactics in an effort to emabarass defendants into a settlement without them even knowing whether they were truly liable or not.

What can be done? Most defendants do not think there is a viable defense to Cobbler Nevada torrent lawsuits. However, recent case decisions have shown that many of the Cobbler Nevada lawsuits were baseless and without merit. Recent case filings include:

Attorney Adam S. Tracy and The Tracy Firm have been at the forefront of defending against Cobbler Nevada lawsuits. The majority of these lawsuits have been brought in United States District Court – particularly in the Northern District of Illinois and other federal courts in Los Angeles, New York, Denver and Miami. We represent clients nationwide against unjust lawsuits.