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Sample Petition for Issuance of DMCA Subpoena to Web Host

Attorney Adam Tracy shares a sample Petition for Issuance of DMCA Subpoena – the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to web host Enom, Inc.for purposes of discovering copyright infringement. The petition can be …Read more [+]

Initial Coin Offering “ICO” Overview

Cryptocurrency Attorney Adam S. Tracy Demystifies the Initial Coin Offering Process and Discusses how our Firm helps Launch Successful ICOs

Unauthorized Image Leaks and DMCA

Video transcript: Hey, everybody. Adam Tracy again. I wanted to go a little bit off script today. You hear about it in the news quite often about these leaked photos, …Read more [+]

Creating New OTC Listings Through Spin Off Transactions

The Commission has long held that a dividend of securities generally does not constitute a “sale” within the meaning of Section 2(a)(3) of the Securities Act because such dividend does …Read more [+]

CONSUMER ALERT: Attorney Adam Tracy Investigates Online Payment Provider

(PRLEAP.COM) CHICAGO, IL – November 30, 2015 – Consumer rights attorney Adam Tracy and the law firm of the Securities Compliance Group announced today that it would be aggreissvely pursuing …Read more [+]

Cobbler Nevada Lawsuit Defense

Attorney Adam S. Tracy represents individuals and businesses who have been sued by Cobbler Nevada, LLC.In June, 2015, hundreds of lawsuits were filed by a newly formed company, Cobbler Nevada, …Read more [+]

Officer & Director Disclosure On Sec Forms 3 & 4

A common question we receive is when are Securities and Exchange Commission Forms 3, 4 and 5 required to be filed? While the answer is relatively straightforward, the legal authority …Read more [+]

A Free Startup’s Guide to SEC Form D

Securities and Exchange Commision Form D is a required fling by an issuer of securities in a private placement under Regulation D. A Form D must be field electronically with …Read more [+]

An Overview of Pension Plan Withdrawal Liability

Pension plan withdrawal liability is an exit fee which requires a employer to pay a portion of its pension plan’s future benefits, which have not yet been funded through previous …Read more [+]

CFTC Defines Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency As Commodities

In an administrative enforcement action brought this past September against the bitcoin exchange Coinflip and its owner, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for the first time ruled that …Read more [+]